Director of Corporate Communications

Scandza is a Scandinavian supplier of branded fast-moving consumer goods to retail, convenience, pharmacy, industry, HORECA and exports, and is seeking a Director of Corporate Communications.

Scandza is a Scandinavian supplier of branded fast-moving consumer goods to retail, convenience, pharmacy, industry, HORECA and exports. We hold leading positions within key categories such as chilled foods, snacks, baked goods, and home and personal care across the Scandinavian countries. Our house of iconic brands includes local champions such as Sørlandschips, Synnøve Finden, Karen Volf, Finsbråten, Bröderna Nilsson, Leiv Vidar, Lindvalls, Berit Nordstrand and Rå. Our local brands are complemented by well-known international brands through our distribution company Bonaventura Scandza. 

Scandza is executing on a buy-and-build strategy: organic growth paired with an active M&A agenda. In less than five years, Scandza has more than doubled its size. Speed, innovation and being un-bureaucratic are values that are integral to Scandza’s growth story and culture. Scandza is owned by its founders, Jan Bodd and Stig Sunde, and sponsored by CapVest. With group revenues surpassing 4 bnNOK in 2017, our ambition to grow is stronger than ever.


We are currently seeking a Director of communications for a newly established position within our corporate management. This is a central role in the further development of the company. You will be responsible for the company’s Investor Relations/finance communication, all internal and external communication including media handling and press contact.
As part of the corporate management team, you will be working closely with the company’s owners and the corporate staff, where you will be given a key role.

You will become our public image, which will give you regular contact with investors, customers, consumers, the public and the press. As responsible for all internal communication, you will be a crucial link between employees within the different businesses, and have a central role in the structure of our digital platform.
This is a position with a large span of contact network, which requires great insight and understanding when in contact with different stakeholders. To succeed and thrive in this position you must be able to work both strategically and operatively, and inhabit the ability to appear both serious and likable.

The person we are looking for wants to make a difference, is dedicated, inhibits a burning ambition for the communication profession, and is able to see everything in a business perspective. You are brave and clear, distinctively flexible and adaptive. Quick of thought and scrutinized, matter-of-factly, reflective and always make a good case with your arguments. You are fact-based and have an analytic approach to what you do. You are an important resource to the company and always able to contribute – also outside your own field.
Since this is a newly appointed position in a company in considerable growth you must be in tune with not always knowing what tasks are at hand. You must be able to grow with the position and the company – and be comfortable with considerable influence on your own work and area of expertise. You must also be able to influencing others by setting clear expectations to them.

You must be experienced, and have several successful years behind you in similar roles. Either experience within media as a journalist, and/or press contact or Investor Relations role in a larger company, or with extensive experience from the communication business. You must enjoy being visible and promote the company in a professional and positive manner in a large number of
settings. You must also have the ability to empower and be able to circle the organization around

If this sounds interesting, do not hesitate to contact us. For questions regarding the position, please
contact our advisor in this recruitment process, Managing Partner Nina Merethe Andersen in
Panamera|IMD International Search Group, phone 920 33 785.

Please address your application to Research Manager Peder Juland,