General Managers and Division Heads are of course key roles we are looking for great candidates to.


We also work with Sales Directors, Managers and Senior level personnel, usually within our defined focus industries.

Finance positions also have skill requirements that we find in our core talent pool. As the requirements for these roles often are generic, we will do these searches across industries.

Marketing and Communications positions are also cross industry deliverable. Because of our prior work experience, we claim to be quite good at filling these positions. We believe we have a strong understanding of integrated marketing and communication and what talents are needed to do the job right.

  • IT technology specialists can be provided in to industry. The more experience you need, the more relevant it is to ask us for help. Contact our Technology Search Lead Mads Folke Nordmark to discuss your needs.

Board positions are also a part of our core recuiting concept. However, it is undeniable so that the corporate governance in Scandinavia is still relative unprofessional and so is the way board members are identified and selected. Therefore, professional help is not yet in very high demand in relations to board recruitment. Some also claim that it should be impossible to get sane people to accept board responsibility for as little as most board members get compensated here in Norway. This is, however, changing - and that is why we are committed to Board searches as well.

Are you an experienced board member and looking for new oportunities? Please submit your resume together with some thoughts on companies and industries where you feel you can contribute the most, or competence you have that might be of special interest to companies in certain phases of their development.