Industry Focus

The leading companies in each sector have often gotten there through focusing on recruiting the best talents. Through our focus on top candidates we also find it rewarding to work for the best brands in each of our focus areas and therefore seek such clients. We can thereby offer our candidates a full range of relevant choices and also develop our own approach working for the most demanding clients.


Consumer Shoppimg Red Bag

Consumer oriented companies have sought our advice throughout our careers. Our clients are strong in sales and marketing and the candidates we seek out are leaders within their fields. Good consumer marketing and communication candidates are also demanded in other industries that lack the skills and talents of the FMCG industry. 



The future will be increasingly digital and is shaped right now by an unparalleled speed in business development. We are in the heart of this process, as we see that the prospective managers for Digital oriented business and services are from the same pool we often search for our professional services, media, telecom or consumer marketing clients.

We are also in this sector because we believe in its rapid growth and are challenged by its demand for creativity and strategic thinking and we want a piece of the action. 

Professional Services Firms

 The strategic core of our business is searches for professional services firms, supplying them with the best consultants. This could be Management Consulting, Corporate Finance, Advertising, PR, Law, and Investment Management. The work for these firms allows us to    identify and get in contact with the smartest business talents around at a rather young age. We nurture and follow these talents as their careers develop.

These clients also have the ability to hire when they find the right talent, not just when they have an opening. This enables us to better help top candidates to find good opportunities, compared to other search firms that mostly work for more traditional companies that mainly  are looking for "vacancy filling".



We will work in other industries only if we feel our functional expertise makes us the best search partner for our client. If not, we will let you know. Our reputation is far more worth to us than an extra assignment.