Top consultants and management talent should be hired when they are available, not when the employer "has an opening." This fundamental idea is the basis for our work at Panamera | IMD International Search Group. Most companies do not have the time, resources, or industry insight necessary to keep an ongoing dialogue with their industries best and brightest and miss the opportunity when top candidates are ready to move on from their current position. To find, assess, attract and retain the best and brightest requires a true partnership with a trusted outside adviser. Panamera | IMD International Search Group is the partner you are looking for.

Panamera | IMD International Search Group also serves as a resource for  talented business professionals that do not have the time to keep abreast of the interesting opportunities top employers have available. Searching for a job takes focus and motivation away from the existing responsiblilies. As a trusted advisor we take on this exhausting research role for our candidates. We pride ourselves in advising our candidates on the best path for their career development.  Anything less than the perfect fit for both the candidate and the hiring company will not last and will leave both parties disappointed.

We fill positions in Norway and primarily in Oslo. As a retained executive search firm we get paid exclusively from our clients, but we work with both our clients and our talented candidates to create the best solution. Through our colleagues in IMD International Search Group we can help our clients acquire talents in more than 40 markets around the world.