Given the demands of your professional career, many of you do not have the time or resources to keep abreast of what the most interesting employers are up to or, indeed, who they are—but we do. It can also take focus and motivation away from the existing tasks to keep you too engaged in what it looks like on the other side of the fence.

Our team of trusted advisors can take on some of this role for the candidates. In addition, we pride ourselves in advising candidates on their career development.  If we don’t believe our client has the right opportunity we will say so, knowing anything less than a best fit will not last and leave both parties disappointed.

As a confidential speaking partner we can match the needs of our clients with the desires of our talent pool. We can use our confidential insight to find matches and establish contacts that would be difficult without a neutral "analyst", "advisor", and "broker" – to borrow some terms from another professional service industry.

We therefore try to focus on a limited pool of top talents and clients to be able to invest time in both.  Rather than pride ourselves in transaction volumes, we focus on quality and the compensation level we work at.