Finding your next job

There is not one right way to do this, but hopefully you can find some advice here you would like to follow

Before you start searching

    • Ask yourself the following questions before you look for career opportunities: Who are you? What can you do? What do you want?
    • Map out your objectives, in terms of function, industry sector, responsibilities…
    • Start looking for information on the role and sector that you are targeting.
    • Test your first reflections with close professional connections, as long as you are sure that your intentions will be kept confidential.

Getting proactive

    • Update your CV and your LinkedIn profile
    • Contact executive search firms
    • Use your network more actively

Prepare for interviews

    • Find information on the firm, the position offered, the person you are meeting with
    • Think about what your experience and achievements can relate to the position
    • Be your own worst interview nightmare while preparing!