We also conduct management audits and assessments of management teams in a turnaround situation or just as a part of regular organizational development.

Sometimes to provide neutral third party views in a merger or to provide an outside in perspective. Typically we are also retained when a new CEO enters the company and want to get a quick insight into the roles, motivation, strengths and development needs of his/her management team. For us it is crucial to use the organization’s business goals as the basis for our evaluation and recommendations. We determine what culture, skills and competences are needed now and in the future and look for potential gaps in the individual profiles and in the team as a whole.

A sort of management audit that is used too little is to make a confidential external appraisal of a target company’s management in an M&A process. We can provide you with the insight you may need to decide for a “go ahead” or “no go” at a much earlier stage than in normal M&A processes.

To discuss how we may help you assess your human capital plase contact our Audit and Assesment Lead Nina Merete Andersen