Tools and Services for you?

If you have a tool or service you would like to recommend here, please drop us a note at our MY TIP email


Network with your work relations’ work relations!  LinkedIn is your foremost resource to finding a new job, a new employee (after Panamera IMD), a new sales lead or your new university to study at. Around a billion global users in 2015.

Uber - the crowd driven Taxi company - Go for it! Another game changing service.

Airbnb - the crowd provided Hospitality company - Go for it! Another game changing service.

Skyscanner - a truly all flights available site. Not driven by hidden kick backs!

Google Flights - this is also great for flying around. Great map function. Go Google!

Tripadvisor - great tool for checking out what your friends and everyone else thinks about hotels, restaurants, cities and sites.

Khan Academy - "You can learn anything" - and it is for free. A must for kids in school and college - Thank you Salman Khan, Bill & Melissa!

Skype - One of several great free Video conferencing services. Chill - take your meeting at home.

OSL - Your best friend on the road - traveling via OSL - A one stop shop for your overnight hotel stay

McKinsey & Company - An Ocean of insights from the world's foremost professional services organization (OK, we might be a bit biased, bear with us)


Harvard Business Review - Another Ocean of insights from the world's foremost business magazine.

AESC - the worldwide professional association for the executive search and leadership consulting industry. Our professional organization - your gate to great career advice.