New tools and the utilization of social media strategies are helping organisations fill job openings quickly.  Well-written colleague referrals on LinkedIn, a YouTube channel that puts you in front of millions as a subject matter expert, or a strategically crafted Facebook page could be the digital resume that sets you apart in a sea of candidates.

A fully optimized online profile can give companies a feel for a candidate's personality, paint a broader picture of work history and expand upon expertise that a resume and cover letter may not be able to do.

LinkedIn is the leading social networking site for serious job-seekers.  Connect with colleagues and former classmates, network with experts willing to share advice in your industry and discover inside connections that may help you land your dream job.
Facebook has long been thought of as a 'social' networking site.  But, more and more, it is being used as a powerful business networking tool.  Find former collegues, school peers and rekindle genuine connections - you never know who you can connect with that know of your next job opportunity! Remember to destinguish between family, friends and aquantainces when you post - not all private should be shared in the public space.
Are you a subject matter expert that has presented at conferences?  Next time you do, make sure that you have a collegue on hand with a flip cam to tape your presentation.  Build your own YouTube channel and post your presentations along with a video resume!
Build your own personal brand and bring job opportunities to you with a blog.  Create your own content on something that you are passionate about and invite recruiters and industry-related companies to subscribe to your blog.  Soon, they will be sending you information on interesting job opportunities.
Twitter has quickly become much used utility for communicating for oppinion leaders, companies and brands.  Do you want to work for a particular company?  Follow them on Twitter and engage with them in an interesting way.  Build your own following by following and engaging with others interested in industry topics.